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There is no rhyme nor reason to the song selections except that they are worthy to be used in conservative Bible-believing church services. I cannot say that all are my favorites because it all depends on the context of life at the time when Sunday rolls around. My favorite hymn is "Wonderful Words of Life" and my favorite songs are not very flashy or showy. One of the specials that made an impact on my life was very simple - a duet with guitar accompaniment of "Holy Spirit, Breathe on Me" - no key changes, straight out of the hymnal. As you receive each post just know that I'm not including what I think you have available in your own hymnal. These songs are just another resource for "new" songs or a reminder of songs that you've heard. God bless you as you use your music to encourage God's people every week of the year.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

"By the Way of the Cross"

This song has been done by our Men's Ensemble for several years. You don't need to be fancy with the arrangement. Soloists could do the verses and the men could all join in unison on the chorus. The power is in the message. Praise the Lord for the cross! I get excited just playing this song on the piano!

“By the Way of the Cross”
Word Music, arranged by Mike Speck, Larry Goss

Verse One
Condemned to die on a cross for crimes he had done,
He was guilty, everyone could see.
But his destiny was changed
as he looked at Christ and said
“When You’re kingdom comes, remember me.”
In paradise that day he stood
just like the Lord had said he would,
surrounded by those who had gone before.
One said, “Friend, how did you come?
What are the deeds you have done?”
With tears in his eyes, I can hear him reply,
“There are no merits to my name,
no works that I can claim
He who brought me here, told me to say.

I have come by the way of the Cross,
I have come by the way of the Cross.
It is nothing I have done,
It’s the suffering of God’s Son.
I have come by the way* of the Cross. (*2nd time to bridge)

Verse Two
I had nothing to claim, but my guilt and my shame
Hopelessly lost, I could not find my way.
‘Til His glorious light of love, shone down on me.
His mercy washed all my sin away.
And what He did for me that day
was a price I know He paid.
By His grace, I too can say – (forever say)

I see millions gathered round the throne
from every kindred and tongue,
those redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.
As they cast their crowns down at His feet.
This will be their story,
This will be their song!

Last Chorus
We have come by the way of the Cross,
We have come by the way of the Cross.
It is nothing I have done,
It’s the suffering of God’s Son.
We have come by the way – come by the way…
Of the Cross..of the cross……..the Cross.

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