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There is no rhyme nor reason to the song selections except that they are worthy to be used in conservative Bible-believing church services. I cannot say that all are my favorites because it all depends on the context of life at the time when Sunday rolls around. My favorite hymn is "Wonderful Words of Life" and my favorite songs are not very flashy or showy. One of the specials that made an impact on my life was very simple - a duet with guitar accompaniment of "Holy Spirit, Breathe on Me" - no key changes, straight out of the hymnal. As you receive each post just know that I'm not including what I think you have available in your own hymnal. These songs are just another resource for "new" songs or a reminder of songs that you've heard. God bless you as you use your music to encourage God's people every week of the year.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

"The Walls Came Tumbl'ing Down" - June 5,2010

“The Walls Came Tumbl’ing Down” (Joshua)
Words and Music by G.A. Thacker
Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing, 1949

This is written for quartet.  I remember awed by it when the LBT Men's Quartet sang it and I was just an eleven-year-old sitting in the pew. Baritone begins the chorus, add 1st tenor, add bass, then tenor.

Verse One
The Lord told Joshua to go to Jericho,
And to march seven times around;
He followed faithfully the blessed Lord’s command,
And the walls came tumble-ing down.

Yes the walls – Yes the walls – yes, the walls – Yes the walls,
Came tumble-ing down,
Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua,
Marched seven times around;
Then the walls – then the walls, mighty walls, All the walls
Came tumble-ing down,
And the walls came tumble-ing down.

Verse Two
If you are trusting in the power of the blood
And you hope to wear a crown;
Go forward quickly, and obey the Holy Word,
Walls of doubt will tumble down.

Verse Three
The Lord is calling sinner, come to Him today,
Turn from this vain world’s renown;
If you will follow Him in faith, like Joshua,
Walls of sin will tumble down.

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  1. i really love this hymn. but i would be greatful if i could have the sol-fa transcription.