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There is no rhyme nor reason to the song selections except that they are worthy to be used in conservative Bible-believing church services. I cannot say that all are my favorites because it all depends on the context of life at the time when Sunday rolls around. My favorite hymn is "Wonderful Words of Life" and my favorite songs are not very flashy or showy. One of the specials that made an impact on my life was very simple - a duet with guitar accompaniment of "Holy Spirit, Breathe on Me" - no key changes, straight out of the hymnal. As you receive each post just know that I'm not including what I think you have available in your own hymnal. These songs are just another resource for "new" songs or a reminder of songs that you've heard. God bless you as you use your music to encourage God's people every week of the year.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Who Will Go to America?" - May 18, 2010

“Who Will Go to America?”
words and music by Brett Groves, Rock of Ages Ministry
sung by Victorious Valley Girls' Home, Youtube Video

Verse One
C                 C#dim/Bb      dm        
They left their homes in America, 
    G7                                C
to cross the ocean wide and blue.
C                          C+         F

They carried their cross not caring the loss –
dm7                                    G - G7
so other souls could hear the truth.
C                          C#dim/Bb     dm
But the light’s grown dim in America 

and sin will be our country's doom.
C                   C#dim/Bb        dm  
We need more preaching in America 

      G7                   C 
for Jesus is coming soon.

C          C#dim/Bb  dm    G7                               C 

Who will go America?  Land of the red, white, and blue.
C          C#dim/Bb  dm    G7                                C
Who will go to America?  Tell me brother why not you?

Verse Two
Our Saviour sent his children forth, to go to every land
To the islands and the uttermost, to find forgotten man.
But the most forgotten mission field, is within our country's shores.
So who will go to America? She needs Jesus Christ the Lord.

Who will go America? Land of the red, white, and blue.
Who will go to America? Tell me, brother, why not you?

(Partner – “Who Will Go to America/O Beautiful for Spacious Skies”)
Who will go America?/ America, America
Land of the red, white, and blue/ God shed His grace on thee
Who will go to America?/ America, America
Tell me, brother, why not you?
Tell me, brother, why not you?

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I appreciate this greatly.