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There is no rhyme nor reason to the song selections except that they are worthy to be used in conservative Bible-believing church services. I cannot say that all are my favorites because it all depends on the context of life at the time when Sunday rolls around. My favorite hymn is "Wonderful Words of Life" and my favorite songs are not very flashy or showy. One of the specials that made an impact on my life was very simple - a duet with guitar accompaniment of "Holy Spirit, Breathe on Me" - no key changes, straight out of the hymnal. As you receive each post just know that I'm not including what I think you have available in your own hymnal. These songs are just another resource for "new" songs or a reminder of songs that you've heard. God bless you as you use your music to encourage God's people every week of the year.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Because He Loved Me" - May 25, 2010

"Because He Loved Me"
words and music by Alice Wilson
(memory: This has been an LBT standby since I was in jr. high school back in... All of the girls would argue over who would be able to sing this in opening assembly!  The LBT teen boys made up "new words" for it back in 1978, which I will not print on this blog! This song has been through several LBT trios.  The Victory Trio sang this last month and it is still a blessing in the service.  

Verse One
F        gm/F  F  gm/F  F
When I hear a baby cry,
F                        am            F7
When I see the blue, blue sky,
F7         Bb6      Bb          C   C7    F
I feel a love so warm, a friend so kind;
F        gm/F  F  gm/F  F                 am         F7
He watches over me, I know He cares for me,
F7           Bb6       Bb      C       F
I talk to Him each day when I pray.

F                               Bb                              F
Because He loved me enough to give His Son to die,
F                        Bb        Bb       C7      F
It's not mine to wonder why but to believe;
F                              Bb                           F
Because He loved me, I am saved from all my sin,
F                     Bb6           Bb        C7  F
And I'll be at home with Him, eternally.

Verse Two
On a cross so long ago,
Jesus gave His life for all,
His blood was shed for men,
because we sin;
His Father must have cried,
when His Son was crucified,
Because God loved us so,
this is why.

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